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The Night of the Black Cat

"Lejla is a person of enormous intelligence, dedication and, in my judgment, has the potential of becoming a top international star."
Robert Easton
Robert Easton on IMDb
"Fantastic... Startling"
The Night of the Black Cat

"The human dynamo. The sexiest, most delicious. A spirit that can never, nor should ever, be contained. Energy to supply light where there isn't any. Intelligence, heat, multi-talented and so totally alive."
Deborah La Vine-Nordman
Director, The Night of the Black Cat
"Extraordinary skill... The best and most sensual... seen in Los Angeles in many years. With talent this good... she does... everything to increase audience pleasure."
The Night of the Black Cat

"Beautiful chair dance - Best to you"
Larry Moss
Acting Coach, Larry Moss Studio
"...cut a worthy rug."
The Night of the Black Cat

"I am the luckiest sister on earth!"
Sister, DJ
"expert cast"
The Night of the Black Cat

“Young actress who is outstanding…a BIG name, and BIG in talent.”
Maureen Murphy
Director, The Search for Caravaggio
"Interwoven throughout is a poignant story about a young woman (Lejla) seeking news of her brother fighting in Chechnya"
LA Weekly


"From the sexy seductress, to the mystical psychic, to the passionate Ghost of a Flamenco Dancer, Lejla’s talent on screen is mystifying. It reveals her ability to transport an audience and transcend the space between reality and fiction." Wendy Milette

Director, Liliana and Breakwater
"Hadzimuratovic adds to the sound design with incidental classical piano that further darkens the mood."
Back Stage West


“Sexy and sensible is a very annoying combination!”

JM from London
"A talented young dancer/actress named Lejla delivers a brief but hypnotic turn as Moon-Death."
After Dark Best Bet
Blood Wedding

"Rounding out the fine ensemble... Lejla as the supernatural Moon-Death..."
BackStage West Critic's Pick
Blood Wedding


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